Early Spring Flowers in Amsterdam



These days I often see some early spring flowers on the street. They are colorful and cute, but also look tough. They make me excited because I feel spring is almost here!!


This is called narcissus. Their very straight stems look cool. It is interesting that the stems are bending, maybe they are trying to show the beautiful flower to us? The center part of the flower is deep yellow, which reminds me of a tasty omelet. So cute!!


This is called snowdrop. First of all, I like this beautiful name. The white flower looks like a lovely bell. If you have a close look, you will find a small green spot on the petals. The small ball on the flower is also cute. It’s like a pea!!


Is this …matricaria(fever few)? or margaret? or something else? Please let me know if you have an idea! The flowers are very small and they are blooming among green grass, which makes the field look polka-dot. Adorable! Their thin and fine petals look aerial. Their strong roots sustain the pretty flowers.


This is the last one. It’s called crocus. I have seen purple, yellow, and white flowers. The colors are really bright and eye-catching. The petals are thick and glossy, so they look classy. When they are buds, they resemble horsetails. How cute they are!


I can’t wait for the spring with a lot of flowers!


  1. bamboochisaqui より:

    Kayさま はじめまして!コメントありがとうございます!春に向けてどんどんお花が咲いてきているので、たとえばクロッカスがお花畑状態でたくさん咲いているすぐ横を自転車で通る事なんかもあり、本当に幸せな気分になります^^

  2. Kay より: